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How long should a Kanger atomizer head last?

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Post Fri Nov 22, 2013 12:34 am

How long should a Kanger atomizer head last?

I just received my Kanger Unitank which came with a 2.5, 2.2 and 1.8 ohm atomizer head. After 3 days of using the 2.5 ohm vapor was not being produced any more (I cleaned and dry burned the atomizer at least twice), so I changed the atomizer head and my ecig works again. My question is how long should an atomizer head last? I've read they last about 2-3 weeks but mine only lasted 3 days? I need some insight on how I can maybe make heads last longer because I don't want to have to change them every few days.

Rob H

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Post Mon Nov 25, 2013 12:53 pm

Re: How long should a Kanger atomizer head last?

Hi lockhart320,

How long a head will last will depend on several factors - all of which can be quite unique to the end user.

Colour of e-Liquid - darker the e-Liquid the more often the head will require replacement - the darker liquids tend to leave more un-vapourized material behind to build up on the coil(s), thus eventually leading to poor performance and changes in the vapour.

How much it is used, we all vape to suit our own needs - some people only vape the equivalent (time spent vaping) of a couple of cigarettes per day (heads will last a long time in this case), others may chain vape just as they smoked (may require daily changes at the very extreme end).

What voltage you vape at - the higher the voltage or power output, the more e-Liquid is vapourized and the faster it is vapourized effectively, this could lead to a slight dry burn or a fully burnt head if the e_liquid did not have time to naturally re-saturate the wick and coil area.

e-Liquid viscosity may also come into play, esp for the previous example above.

I would say plan on changing the head weekly at least, to keep your vapour and flavour production optimum - $2 each at present (5 pack $9.90).


The alternative is to use disposable types of atomizing device where there is no head change at all (Ce4 types etc), but this would prove to be more expensive though I would think.

I hope this helps, cheers Rob
Rob aka NakedVapour


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